Friday, November 6, 2009

What does it mean to be Forever Young?

Being Forever Young means to be timeless. To exist in various time frames and states but to still have the notion of longevity. Being Forever Young is a mind set. A feeling that propels you to make the most out of life everyday. When people are young, they are innocent. They have yet to experience all the things in life that tend to jade people. Young people approach situations with excitement, and hope. There are no preconceived notions attached to situations at hand they are open to the possibilities. Living your life as one who is Forever Young does not mean to be oblivious; rather it means to approach everyday, every situation with newness. Having expectations that aren’t governed by previous failures in the same. But believing, hoping and yearning for something new.


  1. i like this. it reminds people everday is different. tells us to not hold grudges about things. i try to tell people to look outside the box look to the good in things not the bad. the bad holds us back makes our lives harder. weighs us down.

    i really love this kisha

  2. SPectacular.... with my life obstacles now.. feeling forever young would be ideal.. its like Now i feel the need to reach out to GOD.. call his name to help me make it thorugh my daily tribulations.. but when your young.. its like you dont dont to kneel and pray, you dont need to think about praising him and asking for strength.. you just believe..You just do.. you have your whole life ahead of you to figure things out... ahh.. to be forever young would put more smiles than frowns on my face.. more shine then grays in my hair.. and wrelieve my neck of pain from slouching my head down so low.. We all just need to sit dig up that box out youth.. not the stone washed jeans, or yo-yos or my size barbie but.. the smiles the laughters the risk taking the care free things will be better mentality..Forever Young.. man i can t wait to find my Forever Young again!!!

  3. Ash, this is beautiful. And this is what most of us feel these days. The difficulty to actually put the hard times to the side and believe with the faith of a child. The truth is, that everyday is new, and so is every hour and minute for that matter. I truly do believe that reaching out to God is the answer. He renews our strength on the daily, and gives us something new to look forward to. Here is a piece written by my girl Candyce burke. It is beautiful and I hope it encourages you.

    To all the broken hearted that hear this, and to all the weary souls that can feel this
    I challenge you to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and the perfecter of your faith
    Continue to press on because you serve a God whose strength is made perfect in your weakness
    So when your days of sorrow turn into weeks, it’s imperative that your feet
    Are fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace

    Keep on praying and don’t stop believing
    Praise God you’re still breathing
    And thank Him for never leaving you
    Or forsaking you when everyone else seems to

    When you feel like you’re all alone it’s His love that will shine through
    A love that’s ever-sweet, ever-lasting and all that you’ll ever need
    Having you wonder if ever you’ve experienced such peace

    When I say that through Christ you will prevail
    It’s not a fairy tale, it’s the truth since,

    From conception you’ve been predestined
    It makes sense that you will overcome in every instance

    With this it’s my goal to prove and not just hint to the fact that
    Everyone goes through trials and hard times
    It’s how you respond that will determine your spiritual mind
    Because it’s plain to see there is no reading between the lines

    You’ve been justified through your faith in Christ
    Meaning that just as He has died
    It’s just as if you’ve never sinned and that’s why
    You’ve been given peace with God and now have access to grace and assurance in which you can stand

    And in light of this you see,
    In Romans 5:3 we’re told to rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character and character, hope
    So I hope that right know you can take hold to these words
    That have been marinating in my soul
    Its deep I suppose

  4. Consider all that God has done for you and the promises that he has made
    The doors He’s opened, and the fact that you even woke up to see this day

    And when you cry out to God don’t think that your prayers are in vain
    He hears you and can heal the pain you feel
    Way down deep in your heart
    And if it’s forgiveness you need, He’ll give you a brand new start

    He’s the healer of all sickness and disease
    All He needs is for you to trust Him

    Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see says Hebrews 11:1
    And because of Christ the Son, you can boldly declare that peace is yours, happiness is yours, joy is yours, healing is yours, victory is yours, deliverance in Jesus name is yours

    It’s God’s desire to take you places you have never been before
    And if you would just hold out He’ll do that and so much more
    Further more it’s your responsibility to respond in faith to challenges and difficulty as they arise
    May you look to the skies, because your help will surely come
    And because you’ve been called according to His purpose,
    With faith as small as a mustard seed nothing will be impossible for you

    So don’t focus on your problems
    Look to the one who can solve them
    Because God will always be there to comfort and protect you
    Your prayer should be that He would direct and dissect y6ou
    For anything that is unclean and offensive to Him
    That you may be in right standing and ready to begin
    This journey to your destiny being fulfilled in Jesus
    Yes this is the reason,
    I implore you today to,

    Keep on praying and don’t stop believing
    Praise God you’re still breathing
    And thank Him for never leaving
    You or forsaking you when everyone else seems to

    When you feel like you’re all alone it’s His love that will shine through
    A love that’s ever-sweet, ever-lasting and all that you’ll ever need
    Having you wonder if ever you’ve experienced such peace

    So in the midst of your storm and when everything seems to be going wrong
    God will be there for you without a doubt
    Believe me my brothers and sisters He has the power to bring you out
    That you may live and not die, I tell you no lie and if you’re walking in His way
    Not only will He ease your tear-filled nights,
    He’ll also brighten your day
    Come what may there is nothing to hard for the risen Savior
    The battle is done the victory’s won because He’s the one that made ya

    And because of this and your choice to enlist in the army of God,
    You can persevere through struggles and hardships
    Believing just as Roman 8:37 says, that in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us

    So in Jesus’ name, let us boldly take up our cross and follow God,
    Confident that each and every step of the way He will sustain us

    By Candyce Burke

  5. Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while....

  6. I love you Kish!!! This is beautiful and I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason cause I needed to hear that right now. Thanks a bunch...

  7. Thank You for logging on and being a part of this. Everything truly does happen for a reason. When you think about God and how he puts things together its so amazing. We get exactly what we need, exactly when he need it.

  8. aaalso it could mean "to die young" if you think about it. just saying.